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The Louisville Warriors Cheerleading program is a  competitive sports team for girls and boys ages 4-15. We focus on character development, competing as a unit, and teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading in a fun and safe environment. 

As a competitve cheerleader, your athlete will be representing the pride of the Louisville Warrior,  our commuinuty, and it’s cheer squads. Your athlete will be responsible for promoting team spirit, reflecting and projecting the goals of the program and our community. A LWC candidate must support the LWC brand and above ALL other:   

·        A candidate must be neatly presented, medically fit, and have parental/guardian permission. 

·        Acceptance of a candidate shall be on the basis of tryouts, ability, acceptance of the squad rules, coach’s agreement & without prejudice.  

·        A positive and respectful attitude is required at ALL times!  A bad attitude will not be tolerated. Cooperation is a MUST!  

·        All Cheerleaders are to be supportive of each other and their coaches.  

·        Personal conflicts between squad members will be handled privately with coach supervision.  If conflict continues, parents will be notified and disciplinary actions will be taken.  

·        Cheerleaders will NOT degrade or criticize another squad member, coach or opposing team player

·        . • Negative responses, lack of productivity, and disrespect will NOT be tolerated!   

As a student and athlete, your child’s grades and education are the most important. Report cards are required to be turned in every grading period. His/Her academics play a big role in cheerleading, both focusing on discipline, focus, and leadership. Cheerleading takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.  It requires a real commitment, not to just the sport of cheerleading, but to the athlete’s teammates, community, and coaches.  Practices will be strenuous. As a team, we will be building endurance, strength and integrity!  Your athlete will be expected to give 100%.  

Unity of our team, is a combination of cheerleaders, coaches, and families working together as one. A united squad becomes a family that works towards common values and goals.  

Although, cheerleading will require a tremendous amount of time and hard work, It will also be full of fun and excitement that your family will not want to miss. As a member of the LWC Competitive Squad, your athlete will be a part of many memories and traditions that will remain for years to come.  We can promise you a season full of rewarding experiences, where your athlete will learn a great deal about yourself and being part of a true team. As a LW Cheerleader, we will work together to build a fun, positive and loving organization.     


Lyndon Lightning has collaborated with the Louisville Warriors to provide families with a shorter committed cheer program. Athletes will have a more relaxed environment, while learning basic tumbling and the fundamentals of cheer. Athletes will practice 2-3 times a week and perform at games on the weekend. Most games are scheduled for Saturdays. A season schedule will be handed out at the first parent meeting. Athletes will also perform a half time show at all home games. Tumbling classes are recommended, but not required. All tumbling classes are done at Kentucky Cheerleading Center (KCC). Classes can range from $60-$80 a month. 

The divisions are as follows: 

Mighty Mite 5-7 
PeeWee 8-9
Junior 10-11
Senior 12-14 


The divisions and levels are as follows:


Tiny Recreation (6 years & younger) 
Mini Recreation (8 years & younger)
Pee Wee Recreation (10 years & younger)
Youth Recreation (12 years & younger)
Junior Recreation (14 years & younger) 

Mini Recreation (8 years & younger) 
Pee Wee Recreation (10 years & younger) 
Junior Recreation (14 years & younger)
Senior Recreation (18 years & younger)

Youth Recreation (12 years & younger)  
Junior Recreation (14 years & younger) 
Senior Recreation (18 years & younger)

Junior Recreation (14 years & younger) 
Senior Recreation (18 years & younger)

*Team members must fulfill the age requirement for the division that they are entering on/before August 2019. Proof must be provided by submission of birth certificate. 

Cheer Regular Season Registration = $300 (paid on or before May18th or athlete will not be allowed to enter gym) The registration fee is subtracted from your athletes seasonal fees. Payments for the remainder of fees can be made in installments. 

Full Season Fees:
Tiny and Mini
Youth and Up
Fees include competition entry fees. 

REQUIRED: Practice/Tumbling classes at  KCC (Kentucky Cheer Center)$65-80 month starting June -March. Paid to KCC (not associated with LWC. Call Josh at KCC to set up class. Please visit their website to register. 

- Season fees include the following:

1.          Uniform 

2.          Shoes

3.          Practice Gear 

3.        Practice and Competition Bow

4.         Cheer Binder (must remain in backpack and needs to be RETURNED at the end of the season and) 

- Extras that can be purchased throughout the season:  

1.          Themed Bows

2.          White Cheer Socks       

3.          Warm Ups 

4.          Spirit Wear   

5.           Backpack 

6.           Team Jersey 

If for any reason an athlete decides to no longer be a part of the Louisville Warriors Cheer Program or is expelled from the team uniform and cheer binders must be returned immediately 

Mid-Season Teams 

You are perfect for Louisville Warriors Mid Season Cheer team if you:
- Want to keep up your tumbling skills during the off season
- Missed the deadline to join Full Season
- Have a limited schedule
- Want to cheer competitively but with less time commitment
If you answered YES to any of these, then you need to check out Louisville  Warriors Mid-Season competitive team

How to Get Started
Mid Season Informative Parent Meeting 

Kentucky Cheerleading Center 

Team At a Glance:
-Once a week practices (July-Sep) (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar)
-Perform at Louisville Warriors Competitive Cheer Showcases 
-Fun Team Environment -All Inclusive Packages:

Mid Season Fee- $150
Includes:Tshirt, Shorts, Bows (female) Headband (males), Cinch Bag,  insurance. 
Optional Feea: Full Size Backpack ($30), Cheer Shoes ($32), Spirit Wear

Mid-Season athletes can participate in all Louisville Warriors events (team bonding, parades, fundraisers, end of season banquet, etc.) 

LWC Booster Fee:  $25-$150 (refer to Booster Club page)

For additional information, please review our FAQ page. 

This is a competitive squad. The time commitment is one of the most important components of being on the squad. The commitment of parents is as important as the cheerleader herself. Please take this into consideration before signing up for tryouts. Competition Contract must be signed before the first day of practice.

Repeat absences will result in removal from squad.

We are looking forward to a new and exciting season!  


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