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Where do the Louisville Warriors practice?  
The Louisville Warriors Cheerleaders practice at Kentucky Cheerleading Center (KCC)
2701 Grassland Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

What is the age division will my athlete cheer for?
Tiny Recreation (6 years & younger) 
Mini Recreation (8 years & younger)
Pee Wee Recreation (10 years & younger)
Youth Recreation (12 years & younger)
Junior Recreation (14 years & younger) 

*The cutoff date for all age groups is August 31st

How long is the season?

A full season starts in June and ends in mid April. Our first official week of practices begin in June.  Practices will be 2-3 nights per week in the summer months and reduce to 2 nights per week once school begins, with the possibility of adding an additional night of practice before competitions at coaches' discretion if needed. 

When is the first competition? 

Competitions can start as early as mid October or as late as December. 
We will hold several showcases prior to a few of our competitions. 
If a bid is earned teams will participate in post-season competitions out of town. Competitions can occur late April or early May. 

Which days are competitions 

Normally, competitions are held on Saturdays. Post season competitions are usually a 2 day event. Performance times are given within a week of competition. We ask that parents dedicate the entire day (weekend for 2 day comps) to competitions. 

Will my athlete make the team?  
The Louisville Warriors cheer program is a competitive program. All athletes will make a team and compete within their appropriate skill level. 
We believe there are valuable life lessons from playing sports competitively -  learning to work hard as an individual, developing an understanding of the importance of teamwork, experiencing the joys of victory, etc.

Team placements are determined by the director.   

Louisville Warriors desires full participation from all athletes and ask that parents encourage their athlete to be accountable. 

Is there a background check for coaches?
Yes!  We require our board members, team parents, and coaches to pass a background check prior to involvement. And, expect them to maintain the highest character in their private life as an example to the children they are mentoring.  We expect them to behave both on and off the field in a manner that does not bring discredit to the Louisville Warrior program.

When are practices? 
Practices differ depending upon gym floor availability. Typically, practices will be held from  7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m; 2-3 nights per week in the summer months and reduce to 2 nights per week once school begins.

Do I have to stay at practices?
No, but we strongly encourage parents to keep phones on and handy, while they are away. In case of an emergency a coach must be able to get in touch with a parent. If a parent can not be reached the coaching staff will decide on what they feel is best for the athletes care. 

What is required of me as a parent?
In addition to your overall support and encouragement of your child, team, coaching staff and organization, we ask you remember that the Louisville Warriors is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies heavily on volunteer service from each family.  You will be asked to volunteer twice throughout the season. This could include uniform distribution, "goodie" bag handout, event decorating, etc. 

How will I know if practice is canceled?  
As a registered user of this site, you will automatically be added to our email and text blasts which will keep you apprised of the latest, updated information for practices, events, etc. We also use BAND app. We encourage all parents to download the app after team Placements. A code or invite will be sent to all participants. 

Is this a family friendly environment?
Yes!  We are anchored by our association with Kentucky Cheerleading Center and we expect all parties involved in our program to create a positive, morally-upright environment as we compete against other youth programs whether locally or out of state. We expect all parties involved with our program to behave in a way that brings honor to our program, themselves, their family, and to God.  We want our fans to be enthusiastic and energetic in their support for our teams, but we expect our board, coaches,  cheerleaders, parents and family members to refrain from using derogatory and abusive language.  All parties attending events should not yell profanity disrespectful words to judges, coaches, fellow athletes or anyone associated with our program or the opposing team.

In a competitive program such as ours, families should expect our coaches to be strong motivators in an attempt to gain attention of the athletes, encourage better performance and enact verbal discipline if needed.  However, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any coach using profane, derogatory or abusive language towards athletes.

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